北京之旅(The Trip to Beijing)-记一次到北京的旅行e69da5e887aae799bee5baa6e79fa5e9819331333234316136 I used to think Beijing must be a grand and special city, given that it was the capital of China, and lots of events I have heard took place there. But soon after I got off the plane, I knew all was but my illusion. If I had to use one wordto describe it, nothing but “grey” will fulfil the task. As far as your eyes could see, all was covered in dust and haunted by air pollution. Though it was the first time I had been to the North part of China, I was still surprised by the sharp contrast between the South and North. It wasn't hearsay. Plane shortened the distance and time between two places, and made the difference of Shanghai and Beijing even more obvious. My friend had been to Beijing before, still, he was amazed after the four-day trip. When he first landed in Beijing, the first impression this city left on him was its greyness. What followed after it was the coal smell. He had told me more than once that in his mind the smell of coal there after was associated with this whole country , especially the North part . I didn't smell the coal. But when I 本文由英语作文网收集整理 walked on the small lanes interspersed almost at every part of this city, I saw a life style that was, in a way, similar to the time when people used coal home in winter. I know that if you want to know one city, you have to walk in it, and dodge those fake touristy places. So I did. Then I saw under blocks and blocks of roof howpeople live. Those numerous lanes, where tourists can't reach, told you the essence and difference, if any, of life in this city from others. I saw the old chatting away in front of their weather-beaten gate; I heard the young, riding on their bicycle or scampering around on the narrow alleys, talked and laughed in the twilight; and I smelled the stinky smell from public toilets which you may see everywhere. Then talking here, would you think that Beijing had left on me nothing but negative impression? That wasn't the case. Despite its drabness and dust, there was something that stroked me and somewhat even made me envy. For example, I envied参考资料:http://zhidao.baidu.com/question/32159576.html?si=1

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I’636f7079e799bee5baa6e79fa5e9819331333335343363m very glad that you’ll come to China .I know it isn’t easy to learn a foreign language, but I have some ideas that may help. Firstly, it’s very important to listen to the teacher carefully in class and make some notes so that you can go over your lessons later. Secondly, try to catch every chance to practice speaking, both in and out of class. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Then try to listen and read more in Chinese. What’s more, you’d better plan your time well and study it regularly every day. Above all, you should be confident in yourself and don’t give up whenever you meet with difficulty. I’m sure you will succeed through your hard work. Best wishes and looking forward to meeting you in China. Yours,

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The meaning of travel is not the trophy how many photos are a few attractions to occupy a few, but, you do more crazy things, and experience which the heartbeat of the moment, and whether to see more. 旅行的意义不在于战利品有多少百,度 照片拍问了几张,景点占据了几个, 而是,你做了多疯狂的事,经答历了哪个心跳的时刻, 和有否看到更不一样的自己。During these days , I have an wonderful journey! 等等,可专以根据当时的感受进行大致翻译成你所想要属的效果。